☹вroĸen cнιld.☹

A teenager that's lost in this big world

My parents push me to suicide

I think letting him go is the hardest thing rn .

I’m tired of everything that’s been going on. I just want to end it tbh.

I have scars

I have a history

I have a low self esteem

I have a mental disorders

I have no family

I have lost everything

But the people who think they know me and will always be there tell me

" don’t give up "

It’s like jump off a cliff for no reason

I’m not gunna stay in a hurtful world just because someone who doesn’t know the real me told me not to

I don’t think depression is romantic

But it’s sure the beautiful truth

Beauty is natural

And it seems like we naturally get depressed

Itz about meeh

Okay well I I’m bored so I guess I can tell you guys a little about myself ..
• I’m 15
• I’m a cancer so will be turning 16 soon
• I live in a small town
• I’m 5 foot 2 inches
• I weight 100 lbs.
• I like horror stuff (movies , books , ect)
• I hang out with the popular ones but I’m a complete awk child
• most people don’t know my past
• my family is dysfunctional
• now saying that I have to say I never really had an ideal family
• I have seven siblings
• none if them or full blood to me
• school is like hell for me everyday
• but I’d rather be there than home
• I day dream ALOT
• I wasn’t always the pretty one
• I get awk a lot and don’t even kno it
• I have a lot of different personalities
• I’ve been played ALOT
• the last guy I actually had real feelings for hit me in front of a crowd of people
• I ain’t trippin
• I get depressed a lot
• sad things tend to make me happy at the end thou
• the more sad I get the more happy I am when I’m over it
• I’m bi polar if you haven’t noticed
• I get it from my parents
• I have more but yea .. There

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